Tips to Shooting the Best Silhouette Photo

Tips to Shooting the Best Silhouette Photo – For the photographers get the best photo it is a dream, for selecting the objects to unusual but provides outstanding photographic results it is a bit difficult. One of them is a silhouette image, the silhouette is an effect with dark colored object which is derived from photography. In short silhouette has a unique trait to display a form that would eliminate the detail of the object. To get a silhouette image, usually part of the background object must be very bright then grab by measuring the lack of backlighting.

Actually, to take a silhouette image was fairly easy to just take a very precise, Well for those of you who want to get the best silhouette images please follow the tips below.

Tips to Get the Best Silhouette Photo

tips shooting photograph silhouete

Choose Object Strong

Selecting a powerful object that is looking for an object whose shape is easily recognizable, because it will make the photos more memorable unique two-dimensional and would make people who saw deeper into the silhouette images. Silhouette image can not highlight the color, texture and tone of our photo objects, and therefore forms must be characteristic silhouette image.

Lines and Shapes Must be Right

Take a photo fitting silhouette is when a sunset or a last minute sunset. Usually in silhouette image was always using human objects that give a sense. Example, suppose we are shooting two people are holding hands or being confronted that aims to expose the closeness between them both. Because we can not reveal the details then form a need to be searched and then highlighted.

Right Camera Settings

Use spot metering mode for metering. In general, the camera has an initial setting using evaluative metering mode that utilizes the entire light and the inclusion of light required. If we use the spot metering mode we can use a single point of reference frames for us. For example, use a background such as the sky or clouds that make the object will appear dark.

Keep Artificial Light

What is meant by artificial light includes flash, reflectors, or boucing. At the beginning we studied photography we always associated with the light. What is meant here is not illuminating the silhouette of the object, but the object darken and lighten the background.

Use the Manual Mode

Using the manual mode is very important from the automatic or semi-automatic mode. Because manual mode makes us to control all aspects of exposure so that we can be more flexible. Step using the manual mode of the first use the smallest aperture, because the parts of the photo should be obvious. Furthermore, the ISO setting around 100-400 (this depends on the available light at the site). Then setting the shutter speed to observe crop factor of the lens that we use.

Use Exposure Compensation

If necessary, use Exposure compensation because silhouettes are generally low light possible we need the EV – 1 to – 3.

Prediction Results

We must be able to predict the final outcome if it is to produce a silhouette image Nice, by combining the proper camera settings and based on knowledge. Maybe we will often try and fail, but by constantly changing the shutter speed, ISO and aperture we will get satisfactory results.

Using Software Finishing

When finishing we really need the help of software to maximize the results of our photos, such as increasing the intensity of the color black, blacken the shadows, strengthen the lines, and remove patches that we do not need. This process can also help us to separate the distance between the background and the objek.

 so easy right? good luck hopefully the results are satisfactory!Tips to Shooting the Best Silhouette Photo

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