The notion of domains, Url, Hosting and Server

The notion of domains, Url, Hosting and Server – This time I’ll explain a little about the domain, url, hosting and servers as well as the function of their use in the field of computer science. For those who already have a website / site must have understood the meaning of the domain, url, hosting, and server. Because indirectly, when we want to have a website / blog or website we have been in contact with the terms above.

Understanding Domain and URL

definition is the Domain is given a unique name to identify the name of the server computer as a web server or email server on a computer network or the Internet. The domain name serves to facilitate the users on the internet at the time of access to the server, as well as used to remember the name of the server that you visit without having to know complicated series of numbers known as IP addresses.Domain names are sometimes referred to by the term URL, or website address Homepage.

Domain and Url function is the same, namely to remember the name of a site. A site consists of a series of numbers that complicated or so-called IP address (Ex: As this is something unique and hard to remember people, then rows of numbers unique in uah into letters of the alphabet to make it easier to remember. Ex: CaraSetting.Com.

Types of Domain

Each domain has the extension behind. Example: Carasetting.Com, Wikipedia.Org, blablabla.Net etc.Here’s the explanation:

  • Domain .Com, .Net can be owned by any individual by buying at the place of purchase domain (ex. GoDaddy) only with ID cards and a number of Money
  • Domain owned by official government agencies. Go is an acronym for Government and ID is Indonesia
  • Domains are owned by private companies that are commercial. So they must attach License if you want to buy a domain
In terms of the existing domain name, also known as subdomains. A subdomain is a domain that became a branch of the parent domain. For example, See if we see the link will be linked to ball. So is the main domain and subdomains is a special problem for the sport of football

Definition of Hosting

Hosting / Webhosting is where online data storage that can be accessed by others. So all the articles and a database stored on the hosting domain. Analogy easy it is data and hard drive on the computer. Data are articles and database while the hard drive is hosting. The only difference is, hosting can be seen from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Hosting is known today is Hostgator and bluehost

Definition Name Server

Name Server is part of the hosting. Just as the domain name server is a set of unique numbers and are owned by the website owner. So each domain has a different name servers on our domain hosting to distinguish the domain of others.

That definition or understanding of domains, Url, Hosting and Name server. Hopefully bermamfaat to those who dig science in computer networking. If anyone wants to add, please in the comments field.Congratulations belajarr .. 🙂

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